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How Long Should I Rent a Motorcycle?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

It really comes down to you and your schedule. How do you want to see the Island?

The big Island of Hawaii is the youngest island in the chain. Hawaii Island is so big that you can fit all the other Hawaiian Islands inside of it. We have 8-hour, 24-hour and multi-day rental options. You may have a tight schedule and just want to feel the island breeze in your hair for a day and escape by yourself or with a friend. A 8-hour jaunt might be the perfect fit.

We've found the 24-hour rental to be great fit for many riders because you're not beholden to a schedule to return the bike. So, if you discover that perfect road or that perfect beach or vista. You can take your time and own your moment. The cost difference between a 8- and 24-hour rental isn't really that much. Helmets, Jackets, and gloves are included and encouraged.

If you're planning on going around the whole Island, we recommend at least a 24-hour rental. The multi day rentals might even work better for you just in case you find that, beach or Bed and Breakfast spot you want to rest at near the end of the day.

Whatever your plan is for your ride. We are here to help! Make your reservation here Home | Big Island Motorcycle Company | Waikoloa, HI



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